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The XING Share Button

Boost your website’s recognition and traffic levels!

  • More page views
  • Boost your search engine ranking
  • Enhanced privacy features

More page views through shared content

Whenever somebody shares content from your website via the XING share button, all of their XING contacts will see that content and probably spread it on by sharing it with their contacts.

Boost your search engine ranking

Content sharing increases the number of external links that lead to your website and it improves your website's search engine ranking.


XING doesn’t store the IP address of your visitors. Our dedicated servers are configured so that no direct connection to an individual is stored when people visit your website. Read more about the privacy policies.

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More in the making

We’ll be providing even more social plugins in the months to come. With these, your visitors will:

  • benefit from their professional identity
  • leverage their XING profile
  • spread the word into a network of 13 million professionals