Login with XING

Easy for users, good for business.

  • Engaging one-click login for professionals
  • Convenient access to trusted data
  • Customisation options for products and services

Easy access for users, more insights for your business

When using the plugin, visitors can easily log in to your website with their XING credentials.
By running through this process, they give you access to parts of their XING profile,
which enables you to support them better.

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Engaging one-click login
for professionals

Users who are able to log in with their XING credentials do so more often. They benefit more from your service as they don’t need to search for their user ID/password for your site.

“Easy access”

Convenient access
to trusted user data

XING members are real professionals who use their real name and data. The plugin enables you to gain access to such trusted information.

“User insights”

Customisation options
for products and services

Plugin users give you access to the profile data which you would find on their business card. This allows you to provide tailored offers and to support them better.

“Better support”

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