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Boost your website’s traffic level!

  • Benefit from viral effects
  • Drive traffic back to your site
  • Turn your visitors into ambassadors

Boost your website’s traffic level

The XING Share Button makes it easy for your visitors
to spread information from your site with their network.
Benefit from the virality of a social network, get more traffic and gain credibility!

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Benefit from viral effects

When a visitor shares content from your website via the XING Share Button, their XING contacts will see that content and can share it on with their contacts.

“More page views”

Drive traffic back to your site

The information shared on XING contains a link to the content on your website, thus making it easy to find.

“Finding information made easy”

Turn your visitors into ambassadors

Sharing information via the XING Share Button provides you with a word-of-mouth effect. People trust a suggestion from their network more than adverts.

“Added credibility”

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